Monday, October 31, 2016

Why I'm Voting Hilliary Clinton for President

From childhood we've heard that America is the land of opportunity. Other than my Native American friends such as those from the Schaghticoke Tribal Nation, all of us and our fore-bearers immigrated here in search of a better life - one where hard work, imagination, drive and ingenuity could provide the opportunity to succeed. America was a land where anyone could achieve their dreams. Our Constitution provided equal protection and equal opportunity. Indeed - very lofty ideals, words and sentiments! There are more than a few who would question that. It took a Civil War that nearly ended our American experiment as a Democratic Republic to free those in slavery and another 100 years to assure them full voting rights. It took until 1920 for women to receive the right to vote. Full equality and opportunity haven't just happened. Its taken sustained effort and some of the battles are still being fought today.

We have an opportunity on Nov. 8th to break the ultimate glass ceiling - the Presidency. Only one candidate in my mind has the experience, tenacity, intelligence and temperament to serve as President. That lady, that candidate, is Hillary Clinton. Her qualifications and experience as Secretary of State and U.S. Senator, touted by most prominent news analysts, tell us that she is the most qualified person ever to seek the Presidency. I agree! To even be considered as a major party candidate, more was expected.

 Bottom line! I have 3 very special reasons why I am voting Hillary Clinton for President - Sandra, Eva and Isla - my granddaughters. I want them to grow up in a country where there is truth in the law; where opportunity is equal and real, and being a woman does not make them a second class citizen. I don't want to ever have to answer a question - Grandpa - I've worked so hard, why can't my dreams come true?