Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bill Dennehy Hall of Fame Inductee

The induction of William J. Dennehy into the E. H. Athletic Hall of Fame today, November 6th is a well deserved honor! Friends since childhood when we played on the same little league team - The Cards - and Bill and I graduated in the Class of 1966 from EHHS. His mom Peg and dad, Martin “Bub” Daly were great inspirations to him.

Bill’s credentials and athletic skill as an EH athlete are well documented. He is one of thre 12 varsity letter recipients in EHHS history. Richard Wall EHHS 1948 and Paul Peszynski EHHS 1956 are the others I'm aware of and are Past Inductees into the Athletic Hall of Fame. That feat alone is sufficient support for his induction, but I would like to comment on other aspects of the man. In my mind, the most important characteristic that defines Bill is “sportsman.”
He exemplified the Greek ideal of an athlete in competition – using one’s skills and ability in pursuit of excellence without doing personal harm or injury to his fellow competitor. On and off the field he is and was a gentleman. A fierce competitor, Bill achieved success not at the expense of others, but through his own skill, determination and hard work as a team player.
In a sports world riddled with bad conduct and all too often drug induced enhancement, it is refreshing to have someone of Bill Dennehy’s character being honored.
If my recollection is correct, Bill only fouled out of one basketball game in his 4-years at EHHS. One might ask how he could have been a contributing part or factor of the game. That assumption would be absolutely untrue. The paradox really explains the man. He is a sportsman whose accomplishments resulted from fair play, fierce competition and a never say die attitude. His conduct and these attributes are a world apart from dirty play and poor character.
I applaud the EHAHF. Its action serves as an inspiration to our future athletes as an example to emulate.

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