Thursday, December 9, 2010

Why East Hampton is a Great Place to Live.

Our Town has lately been shaken to its core over actions of the Town Manager, the Chief of Police, the Town Council and strident outbursts at numerous citizens at public meetings. None of these actions has portrayed us in a particularly positive light. The media feeds on infighting and negative actions. Quite frankly it sells, as it always has, newspapers which drives advertising. Just business as usual.

I believe it is time to change the direction of our Town with our citizens working together, getting past what are often petty differences. Leaders have done this in our past. As a first step, I've compiled a list of 50 things that make East Hampton a great community inwhich to reside. There is nothing magical about this and I'm positive others could think of many other things and reasons that make this a wonderful place to live.

But here are my thoughts................

1. A vibrant, activist community, strong and opinionated, whose energy could be channeled to make this an even better place in which to reside.
2. A modern Library and Community Center
3. Lake Pocotopaug
4. Sears Park
5. A modern grocery store – Stop & Shop
6. Home of William Barton, founder of the bell industry
7. American Distilling & Manufacturing Co. – successor of the Dickinson Witch Hazel Company – largest producer in the world - article publicizing company in Yankee Magazine
8. EH Little League – lighted fields – among the best in Connecticut
9. The Airline Trail
10. Bevin Bros. Mfg. Co. – last remaining bell maker – articles in Yankee Magazine ( 1975 & 2010 )
11. Comstock Covered Bridge – one of 3 remaining in State
12. Old Home Day Annual Celebration
13. The Chatham Historical Society
14. Friends of Lake Pocotopaug – privately raising funds to support maintain health of the lake

15. Active Rotary Club
16. Active Lions Club and Village Lions Club
17. Food Bank staffed by numerous volunteers with strong community support
18. Citizen fundraising to support the creation of a high school football team jointly with Vinal Tech of Middletown
19. The Joseph N. Goff House
20. Volunteer Ambulance Corp
21. Volunteer Fire Department – 2 companies EH & Cobalt and 3 firehouses
22. Active Masonic Lodge
23. An owner source of water for a town wide water system
24. Home of Former Governor William A. O’Neill
25. Pumpkin Town – annual Fall attraction
26. Christmas Tree Farm and Farmer of the year – Peter Bergan
27. School System
28. Village Center
29. Rich History of the Town including Legend of the Princess
30. Laurel Ridge – an active Adult 55+ community of talented, experienced, successful people who specifically moved to EH and want to contribute to its culture and activities
31. A town dump and recycling center
32. An active VFW – Veteran of Foreign Wars Post
33. 2 camp grounds promoting family values and entertainment – Nelson’s and Markham Meadows
34. A Veterans Group raising money for a World War II Memorial
35. Numerous churches with an ecumenical council of pastors and priests
36. Numerous Day Care Providers
37. Salmon River State Park, Meshamosic State Forest, Hurd State Park
38. Epic Arts Programs
39. EH Art Association
40. Active Seniors / Senior Center
41. An attractive gateway into the community East High St. – West High Street
42. A public sewer system
43. 2 Elderly Housing Complexes – Bellwood Court & O’Neill Drive
44. Participants in the Regional Health District
45. Even after the Probate Court Reorganization and Consolidation, we maintain the smallest (and thus most personal) probate district
46. Active Girl and Boy Scout Troops
47. Numerous Park and Recreation programs
48. The Belltown Antique Auto Club and its annual car show
49. Convenience to major cities for work & health care
50. Half way between New York and Boston

May this holiday season bring peace to all and new beginnings for our Community

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