Friday, March 4, 2011

Volunteer Firefighters - What would do without them?

In the latter part of 1915, fire raged through the toy shop destroying the Gong Bell Manufacturing Company. The fire was fought with a “bucket parade” as no fire department then existed. The final demise of Gong Bell occurred nearly 60 years later with a fire that destroyed a huge section of the manufacturing facility off of Main and Walnut Streets. In 1916, townspeople formed the first Fire Company which has expanded to include Co. 2 in Cobalt and Co. 3 on White Birch Road.

Through the years, volunteers, our neighbors and friends, have served us all with little fanfare, just doing a tremendous job helping protect our community . Today I acknowledging the past, but am grateful for the dedication and abilities of those who currently serve.

Early Monday morning, my wife awoke to the smell of smoke coming from our basement. Rousting the dog (and me) from sound sleep, we evacuated the house telephoning 911. Cell phones have become a very handy and necessary tool. Within minutes, one of our fine EH Police Officers arrived followed by a score of volunteer firefighters. Lead by Chief Marty Voelker, they fully checked the house for fire and determined, as I had suspected that the boiler was the culprit. Using a portable exhaust fan, they proceeded to clear the basement and upper levels of the house of smoke, allowing us re-entry as soon as the CO had subsided to safe levels.

So I say thanks to all who serve in this noble endeavor. I also suggest that each and everyone check the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Doing this twice a year when you change the clocks for daylight saving time would be wise– it could save your life and your property. Again, thanks to these wonderful gentlemen who respond so selflessly.

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  1. Fire fighters--and especially East Hampton's--have always topped my
    list of heroes, Dean.